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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 2, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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news america." >> this is a special edition of bbc world news america, reporting live from des moines, iowa. i'm kathy kaye. counting down to caucus day, the republican presidential candidates are out in full force as the people of iowa get ready for the first test of the presidential race. as this colorful election draws near, does this small state really weren't a big role in american politics? and whoever gets the keys to the white house, iran will be high on the president's agenda. we will bring you the latest in a rise in tensions. ..welcome to our viewers on pbsn america, and elsewhere on the
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globe. here in the window up -- when the heart of america, a group of men and one woman are frantically campaigning for a shot to be the next president of united states. residents across this state will gather to say which republicans they would like to see take on president obama in november. the stakes are high, and the race is wide open. >> of a college retail politics, candidates -- they call it to retail politics, candidates of selling themselves and getting a feel for the goods. the richest, best organized candidate, who today train his fire on the president. >> when he was a newly elected president he went on the "today" show and he said, if i cannot turn this economy around in three years, i am looking at a
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one-term proposition. i'm here to collect. >> many still wonder whether mitt romney is a true conservative. just like american football, the caucuses are a bruising business. at this holiday gathering of republican voters, we found serious doubts. >> i like ronnie lott. i think he is an incredible businessman. i think he has lots of experience. i am just not sure he can be obama. >> i do not think he is very trustworthy. i did not have a good sense of him. >> in what sense? >> i think he has flip-flop on many different issues. i do not think he would make a good president. >> to the lake momentum seems to be with rick santorum, the emerging -- the late momentum seems to be with rick santorum, the emerging choice of four
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evangelicals. -- the merging choice of evangelicals. >> four out of 10 carta stores have yet to settle on a candidate. -- caucus goers have yet to settle on a candidate. >> rick santorum is writing a new wave of support here -- is riding on a new wave of support here in iowa. the rising sun cafe in polk city, iowa, has nothing this kind of crowd since sugar ray leonard stopped by. today they are here to size up a contender in the political fight, rick santorum. the mayor has not decided whom to support. what is it about the republican
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field this year that has been so up and down and volatile? >> it amazes me sometimes when you think about 330 million people in the united states and this is the field we have. but a couple of them are looking pretty good. if they combined all of their ideas, we would have a great candidate. >> the press is here in nassau because of santorum has zoomed up in the -- is here en masse because santorum has zoomed up in the polls in the last few days. >> the right policies, the right track record, the ability to lead, winning elections, they have what it takes up here, they have what is needed in here and they have the fire down here to make the difference in winning this election. do not differ, lead. -- do not defer, lead.
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>> i am trying to make a my mind. >> come on over. [laughter] thank you for being here. >> can this man go all the way? >> are you the best candidate to beat barack obama? >> i think i laid that out pretty clearly, that we have the best track in the elections, we have the best plan. we are someone that people will now i am going to do what i stand going to and i will not play politics. >> we have seen a long stream of republicans rise quickly to the top and then fade away. are you more than the flavor of the week? >> this is not my first radio. i think we can hold onto the horse. >> he actually traveled by pick up, and his wild ride is almost over. tomorrow, we will find out if the santorum surge israel. ... -- is real.
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i spoke a short time ago with the former chairman of the new republican--- with the chairman of the national republican committee. >> given the trend lines, they could be the next president of the united states. which means that their policies and politics and philosophies will matter. weather in europe or asia or wherever you are on the glove, you have an interest in what these individuals -- whether you are in europe or asia or wherever you are on the globe, you have an interest in with these individuals are saying, because it matters. >> of course, every election someone has a chance of winning, but this time around, barack obama is really vulnerable. >> you have a president who came in on an incredible wave. to his numbers were in the upper 80's and load i.d.'s.
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today, his numbers are the low and with the crisis that we have on the fourth stage, yes, he is in a bit of trouble. -- on the foreign stage, yes, he is in a bit of trouble. the right republican candidate who can connect with people on those key point, yes, you are talking about one term. >> out of a country of 330 million people, why can't we find somebody, one person said to me, why haven't we come up with the candidates yet? >> i would argue it has not been that the goal. those individuals that have wanted to run have put their names on the ballot and they are running. those that did not, they are sitting on the sidelines. if buyou have six or seven individuals who have a real
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potential, as they have seen, to shake this thing up and go after obama. there will come a point where people either hold their nose or they will fall in love or whenever a motion they need to attach themselves to get through this fight. it is that important to them. >> but there does not seem to be one republican out there who is clearly the candidates that people are excited about in a way that people were excited about obama in the beginning. >> people were not excited about obama and the beginning. there was a long, drawn-out fight between him and hillary clinton. she was the candidate of choice in the beginning. there were a lot of people who were not happy with him, and some are still not to this day. but that is the nature of politics within parties. you see that played out on the national level here at the rnc
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and with the candidates. >> former republican chairman michael steele, and we will have more on this in today's program. for now, the rest the news around the world. whoever wins the white house may find themselves confronted by an increasingly hostile iran. today, to iran fired two test missiles to show military strength in the gulf. it comes a time of increased tension between iran and the west. james reports. >> 10 days of naval exercises in the gulf meeting a fitting climax. iran decided to test a new surface-to-see missile. a missile.urface to se
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>> we have good missiles with proper range in shooting in targeting an accident -- accuracy. this means we can announce our shore -- our shore to see the missiles can hit any targets necessary. >> iran's enemy israel may be out of range, but it is still concerned. >> we have seen today reports of the big iranian drill in the straits of hormuz. this reflects iran's to stress in light of -- and distress in light of the sanctions tiny a around it. >> iran announced it may close the strait of hormuz over sanctions on the oil industry. it is the channel for one-third of all worlds shipboard oil. the country cannot afford to blockade its own oil exports.
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iran gets half of its revenue from the export of crude oil. the high price of oil -- keeps the reince government in money and power. -- keeps the iranian government in money and power. the u.s. wants other countries to stop buying oil from iran. president obama has just signed a law that seeks to punish foreign corporations from buying iranian oil through iran central bank. if fully enacted, it could have severe consequences for iran's oil exports. but the same time, the youth -- the net states does not want to push up the price of oil. -- the u.s. does not want to push up the price of oil. ..much will depend on what iran decides to do next. it's military wants to exert influence in the gulf, and its government needs to continue
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selling crude oil to anyone willing to buy. >> the tricky question of how to handle tehran. from iran to syria, where it has been almost a week since arab league observers enter the country, and today, they say there is still unrest there. the hope of the mission would be that it would be a first up or .ialogue and reconciliation the arab league secretary general has spoken positively of the mission. >> the arab league observers have been in the country a week. the serious protesters want them to listen. -- syria oppose the protesters want them to listen. pictures are close to the capital in damascus. with reports of more killings,
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there is disagreement about whether the mission is achieving anything. today in cairo, the arab league secretary general said there had been progress. >> military vehicles and tanks have been withdrawn from the cities and residential districts. they are now positioned on the outskirts. the terribly monitors, many inside homes, have been able to -- the arab league monitors, many inside arms, have been able to retrieve bodies. yes, there still gunfire and snipers. we hope to see an end to all of these violent activities. these pictures, which cannot be verified, are thought to begin homs and show the damage. there are claims that 3500 prisoners have been released, and hope is that it will enable
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the syrian government to meet two of the leaks the key demands her opposition leaders -- meet two of the arab league's key demands here. opposition leaders are documents. >> the topa is becher -- there are many examples where the syrian army is in place. >> earlier, a speaker of the year of parliament, an adviser to the league, said the ongoing violence was undermining the organization's credibility. more observers are due to ride later this week. -- to arrive later this week. all the while, the death toll continues to rise. >> tens of thousands of people in south sudan are fleeing from
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their homes at the dispute between rival tribes over cattle rating intensified. the united nations is warning villagers to run for their lives as the clashes increase and intensify. the u.n. and the south sudanese army pulled a forces in the town. there has been widespread anchor across nigeria after full -- fuel prices doubled. government subsidies were removed. nigerians have called on the people to oppose the increase. the former president of egypt, asim ibarra, is back in court today. he was wheeled into -- hosni mubarak, is back in court today. he was wheeled into court on a stretcher. detectives in los angeles first -- say they are preparing charges against a man in
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connection with arson fires are run hollywood. some were in part cars and other spread to nearby buildings. a man was acting suspiciously near a carport where a vehicle had just been set ablaze. a turning point for peace on the korean peninsula, that is out south korean leaders describe the changes in north korea. in his new year's message to the south korean president, he said 2012 would usher in an opportunity to better relations. but in a report from seoul, korea, he also warns that the country faces uncertainty. >> the president described the new year as a significant turning point for peace on the korean peninsula. he said following the death of kim jong-il, changes and uncertainties were expected, but also be times of opportunity. >> if north korea comes forward
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with sincerity, we will be able to open a new era for the korean peninsula together. through dialogue, we should get rid of distrust between each other and move toward mutual prosperity. >> the president also said the window was still open to the north, and if it halted its nuclear program, the seoul government was ready to hold talks and help revive its beleaguered economy. but there were also warning sent across the border. president li cautioned that if there were any provocations, the south would respond firmly. for now, reconciliation seems unlikely. just days ago, the north announced it would stop any business with the sultry and government. meanwhile, north korea's new leader, kim jong-un, began his
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new year with an inspection of top military officials. it is the same unit that his father used to visit with. after a week of mourning, the residents of p'yongyang have returned to work. but there has been a new directive, to transform the sorrow of kim jong helg's passing into new courage. for kim jong-un, consolidation of power and maintaining stability is key. for the moment, there seems to be little challenge against his leadership. >> you are watching bbc world news. still to come, it is down to the wire here in des moines, iowa as they get ready to caucus tomorrow night. we will have more on the state's supersonics influence.
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british police officers have traveled to india to lead a mother and father who found out about their son's murder in the u.k. through the social net working site facebook. they have criticized the british and indian authorities for their handling of the case. and for north met the family. his report contains flash photography. >> remembering an only son. his parents and grandmother still cannot believe he is dead. a brilliant student and the manchester united fan, his debt -- his father tells me, and my best friend. >> it has left a big gap in my life. that cannot be filled. >> they first learned he was dead by -- from facebook, and ask why it took greater manchester police and so long to call when they had his mobile
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phone number. >> i'm really unhappy about this because having his cellphone along with him, my number, his mother number, his family is numbers were there. could it not be possible for the hospital authorities to contact us? >> criticisms that the police had to answers that -- an answer for themselves when they arrived. >> greater manchester police are now here at their offering condolences and try to clear the air. their presence has attracted a large crowd. after two hours inside, officers left without comment. on their way back to britain, the country the family chose because there they thought he would be saved. -- safe.
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andrew north, bbc news. >> kenya is internationally recognized as a giant in the field of long-distance running. when it comes to football, the nation has been in the doldrums, with allegations of corruption. all of that could be about to change. the east african country has seen a rejuvenation of the game. >> colorful, enthusiastic, and passionate, these are the fans of canyon football. -- kenyan football. but this beautiful game in kenya has gone through ugly times, internal ranking and corruption that brought the game to its knees. nairobi, represents a field of
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dreams for many aspiring football stars. it is all thanks to the premier li and satellite tv. -- the premier league and satellite tv. >> it has been crazy, you know. you see people going to see the matches. it is a big thing. >> the partnership between the football league and the cable tv has improved the can's populate -- the game's popularity tremendously. the deal has given canyon football -- kenyan football badly needed press. it now provide steady income for the players.
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>> players would call one another and there would be an echo. [unintelligible] i think is an indicator of what they're doing out there being hatched here. >> the increasing level of exposure has forced them to up their game. >> weekend and week out and give 100%. >> with close to 80 match is being heard across the continent, there putting more effort into the football. >> for decades, this rural state in the american heartland has
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had the distinction of having the first stay in -- the first say in nominating a candidate. but you might ask why. >> i what is a strange place to start the plot -- the race for the white house. it is not exactly representative of modern america. 31% of the u.s. populace -- only 1% of the u.s. population lives here, and of those who do, most are white. presidential hopefuls know that what happens here colors the contest to come. they spend millions of dollars campaigning here. somewhere out here, sheltering from the bitter wind, or maybe the eager candidates themselves, the 120,000 or so registered republicans expected to vote tomorrow.
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will the politicians go, the media follows. almost half of the voters are undecided. the race could go either way. it is just what iowa wants. to hang onto its special position in needs drama and special influence. this state does not guarantee success. its record in choosing winners the actually pretty poor, but it can read campaigns. more than one presidential hopeful has met the end of the road right here in iowa. >> that brings our special coverage to a close. you can get updates on our website. for me and the rest of the bbc world news america team, thanks for watching and we will see you back here tomorrow in iowa.
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